Build a Profitable Company That Lasts

Learn the exact business strategies that helped 23 of Singapore's best and brightest entrepreneurs start and grow their companies to the multi-million empires they are today. From crafting a winning investment pitch to unleashing a consistent stream of customers, this is a book packed with tons of real life examples in every area you need to build a profitable company that lasts.

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Why Did We Write This Book?

Brought to you with love by 2 final year undergraduates from SMU and NUS

We are Vincent and Grace, 2 final year undergraduates from SMU and NUS. Both of us started businesses that failed. We lost thousands of what little money we had but the real pain was the countless hours we lost - time that we could never get back.

We realized we needed to find a mentor so we spent the summer vacation of 2016 seeking out the best entrepreneurs we knew in Singapore, people who genuinely wanted to help young people like us, and we found 23 of them - combined, they have built multiple businesses amassing millions of dollars in sales and revenue.

With the guidance and help of our book advisor Christine, we wrote a book. This book you'll soon hold in your hand is a distillation of all the practical, battle-tested insights that we learnt. We sincerely hope that this book shows you a clear path forward, whichever stage you may be at.

From Left: Grace, Christine and Vincent

Who is This book for?


You've read the books, watched countless videos, paid thousands of dollars for internet marketing courses but somehow you are overwhelmed by all the information that's out there with no idea how to actually start.

You want to actually take action to build a profitable business that gives you the freedom of time and money to be the best you can be. No fluff.


You've been working tirelessly on your startup, out of cafes, incubators - any place where there's stable WIFI and good coffee. 14 hour days are normal but as hard as you try, you constantly worry if you can keep finding customers to make money.

You want to have a profitable business with consistent and increasing cashflow to eventually provide for your family.

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From funding, building your team, marketing, negotiation and sales - we selected mentors who are the best in their fields to show you how to build a profitable company that lasts.

Mr Chua Kee Lock

CEO, Vertex Ventures

How to pitch to Singapore's top venture capitalist

Ms Elim Chew

Founder, 77th Street

How to connect with VIPs

Mr Koh Seng Choon

Founder, Dignity Kitchen

Building a profitable and sustainable social enterprise

Mr Mark Phooi

CEO, First Media Pte Ltd

Target and sell to your dream customers

Mr PN Balji

Former Editor, TODAY

How to get featured in the Straits Times, Today and other media outlets

Mr Joseph Foo

CEO, Jason Marine

From idea to IPO - values to guide you along the way

Ms Teo Pei Ru

CEO, La Belle Couture

How I built a market leading company from $500,000 in debt

Mr Marcus Tan

Co-Founder, Carousell

How to attract top notch talent to build your start-up

Mr David Leong

CEO, Peopleworldwide

Ancient Chinese wisdom for building a business that lasts

Mr Lai Chang Wen

Co-Founder, Ninja Van

How I built Southeast Asia’s fastest growing last-mile logistics company

Mr Anthony Chan

Co-Founder, Coffee Hive

From idea to 11 outlets: how to build a profitable f&b empire

Mr Darius Cheung


Attracting quality investors: what I learnt in raising S$2.16 million

Mr Edwin Chan

CEO, Cambridge Institute

From $10 million dollar empire to $1 million personal debt: why I failed

Ms Christine Sim

CEO, The Entre Club Pte Ltd

How to find extraordinary mentors

Mr Tan Soon Liang

Founder and CEO, Ti Ventures Pte Ltd

Managing Director, Omnibridge Capital Pte Ltd

Strategies to raise money as an early stage start-up

Dr Leong Horn Kee

Former MP and CEO, Far East Group

Founder, The Entre Club

What I learnt serving alongside Singapore's greatest leaders

Mr Anthony Chow

CEO, Igloohome

How I created a S$1.25 million business from a hackathon

Mr Roger Koh

CEO, Chen Fu Ji Holdings

How I marketed a $25 fried rice: secrets of creating an irresistible brand

Mr Joel Khoo

CEO, Learnly

How to design and implement a viral marketing campaign

Mr Douglas Chow

CEO, Empower Advisory

Telling a genuine business opportunity from a get rich quick scam

Mr Raniel Lee

CEO, Jobook

EM3 to CEO: How I stayed positive in overwhelming adversity

Mr Low Boon Seong

CEO, Align Group

Creating a happy workplace: your ultimate competitive advantage

Mr Clinton Zheng

Partner, Diamond Walker Bespoke Shoes

The J Curve of Success


Pivotal lessons I learnt in failure - How Edwin Chan of Cambridge Institute went from a $10 million dollar business empire to $1 million dollars in personal debt.

How to create a company culture that attracts the smartest and most passionate engineers, growth hackers, designers to fight for you. (we break the process down step-by-step from one of the most popular employers in the Singaporean startup space!)

Fund raising secrets from some of Singapore's best funded companies, including how landed Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin as an investor!

How to identify your dream customers and create hyper-targeted messages to get your first clients when you have no track record.

How to connect and build relationships with high profile mentors who can accelerate your success, even as a young entrepreneur with no networks and contacts.

Leadership lessons from a former Member of Parliament and CEO of multiple listed companies, who served under some of Singapore's greatest leaders, including Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and billionaire real estate mogul Mr Ng Teng Fong.

And Over 400 Pages of Real Life Examples, Tactics and Strategies to Help You Build a Profitable Business That Lasts...

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You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with and as Tony Robbins says: "our lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of our peer group."

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and that's exactly why we feel that Why You Should Fail has to be more than just a book. We started this Dream 100 community to connect like-minded entrepreneurs together so they can share resources and challenge each other to raise their game.

Through barbecues, board game sessions, hackathons and brainstorming sessions, this is a curated group of people you can learn from, bounce ideas off and draw support from. This is your tribe. This is a community of people that gets you and we would love to invite you to join our movement.


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